Sunday, August 23, 2015

Snippet time!

Snippet time! This is a bit from Hades' Story (title still to be decided on)

All pre-publication information is subject to edits/change. Material is copyright of M.M. Kin

Hera sometimes had strange dreams, visions of their parents, and the world that they were cut off from. She also saw things that have never occurred, like Hades sitting on a dark throne surrounded by ethereal beings, Demeter in the sunlight, surrounded by a sea that shares the same dark golden hue of her hair, or Poseidon riding the waves, with the wind blowing through his dark hair.

Hestia has her own visions, through flame. When she looked into her own fire, she was sometimes able to see other things, through the flames on the surface world, mortals praying and making sacrifices, begging for mercy and kindness, for justice and peace. Through bits and pieces, the offspring of Kronos were able to put together a picture of the world, and the state that their father had put it in.

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