Monday, August 1, 2016

Intelligent design, my ass.

You all know about basic human biology and how we grow, right? Typically, we hit puberty between ages 12 to 14, signifying that we are capable of reproduction (not that it's a good idea to reproduce at that age, haha!) and for many, brains do not finish developing fully till around age 25 (although I've seen some older people whose brains have never apparently fully matured, haha)

This makes absolutely no sense to me. We're ready to reproduce in half the time it takes for our brains to complete their development? There's no way this is intelligent design, folks. How many of us were ready to be parents as teenagers? Or even in our 20's or 30's? I knew that as a teenager, I was nowhere near ready to have a child (having several younger siblings helped, I am sure)

I see people with the self-control and intelligence of small children, spitting out babies without regards to the consequences. Their sense of responsibility is practically nil, and they leave their crotch droppings for others to take care of, which just leaves a mess all around.

The human race would be much, much better off if the stages of our development were reversed, and it was our brains that were mature at 13, and our bodies didn't become able to reproduce till 25. Dealing with all the raging hormones of being a teenager would be much easier if we had fully developed brains to deal with the stress of that, along with the other stuff we have to deal with in our teens and early 20's. THAT is how I would intelligently design the human body (along with taking out the wisdom teeth and appendix, or at the least, making sure these two body parts actually serve a real function instead of hurting our jaws and rupturing in our stomachs)