Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Due to a psychotic ex-friend/fan who filed a false report against me to Facebook for using a "fake name", my old account went kibosh even after I explained to FB that I was not using a fake name, but a pen name, and showed them my Amazon page and other evidence of my author persona. I can no longer access/run my old FB community page, so I had to create a new one.

Please unlike any of the old pages I created, this is the new/official FB fan page.


 I can be contacted at ememkin@gmail.com. I am no longer posting links to my personal FB profile, from now on I am only posting links to the fan page. If you were my friend on my old account, understand I did not ban or unfriend you - that account is kibosh and is not showing up anywhere - not on friend lists or anything like that, if you try to click on a link to it, it will say the page is broken/unavailable. If you had been my friend on my old account, email me so I know who you are, and can link you to my new personal profile.

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