Monday, July 4, 2016

It’s a total dick move, fellas

Piracy, that is. I, and many other authors have to deal with assholes ripping our books for illegal downloads/torrents. I can’t tell you how many DMCA notices I’ve had to file since I published my first book.
People who want to whine and be all like ‘but I can’t afford a book/movie!’ STFU., The Internet costs money, and so do the devices that access the Internet. If you have a desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone, then you certainly can afford the price of a book, or movie, or song, or whatever it is you’re looking to pirate. Said devices cost a hell of a lot more money than the few dollars it takes to purchase an e-book or movie download. So does that Internet/service/data plan.

I price my books with my readers in mind - my books are only 4.99 each for the Nook or Kindle, which is cheaper than most meals, and cheaper than nearly every form of entertainment out there, including, yes, your Internet and device!

Complaining about the price of a book/movie/music download and going to illegal sites to torrent it is no better than bitching about prices at a brick and mortar store, and helping yourself to a five-finger discount. Either way, it’s stealing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. There really is no excuse for stealing, unless you have absolutely no money and your children are starving so you steal a loaf of bread and some milk so you can feed them.

I’ve witnessed shoplifting several times (both as an employee at the stores i worked in, and as a customer at other stores) and it was NEVER for something that was actually important/lifesaving (except for condoms, but that’s another matter…)

Authors and artists work hard at their craft. Every dollar an indie author earns means a lot to them. Not that I encourage ripping big-name authors like Stephen King or whatever, he works hard at his books like I do, and even if he makes a lot more money than I do, I feel he is entitled to every bit of it. All the books I own have been either purchased properly, were hand me downs (from people who presumably paid for them) obtained from Little Free Libraries, or were given to me by other authors for reading and reviewing.

Illegally downloading books is a total dick move. It hurts authors, especially indie ones who have to scramble for each cent they earn, and if you really could not afford a few dollars for a book, you wouldn’t be able to afford your Internet subscription or electronic device, so you just look like a lazy, cheap dumbass when you pirate.

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